The Spring 2019 Issue of the Home Gym Quarterly is Here!

Garage Gym Life Media proudly announces that the Spring 2019 issue of the Home Gym Quarterly is now available for purchase! After getting some excellent feedback from our readers and subscribers on the Winter issue, we had to up the ante with the Spring issue!

What’s in the Spring 2019 issue of the Home Gym Quarterly?

The Spring issue features a workout from Street Parking™ founders Julian and Miranda Alcaraz, interviews with Armlifting USA champion Joe Sullivan and IPF champion Kimberly Walford.

Recipe for Success

We’ve also added recipes from our nutrition editor and Strength Outside the Box podcast cohost, Amy Hester.  Joe Gray, the admin of r/Home Gym subReddit and the organizer of the #GarageGymCompetition on Instagram, contributed an in-depth review of the revolutionary Sanddune Stepper.

Finally, we also included a pictorial showcasing our coverage of the 2019 Arnold Armlifting Championships as well as the 10th Anniversary of the Central Georgia’s Strongest Man event.

The Spring issue of the Home Gym Quarterly can be purchased at Subscribing will grant access to not only that issue but all past issues and the upcoming Summer and Fall 2019 issues.

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