Preserving Work Life Balance

Preserving work life balance when you own your own business is tough! Being an entrepreneur bleeds over into the rest of your life in so many ways it's a cliche. I've tried to strike a healthy balance between working twelve hour shifts at my full time job, being a good husband and father and building our brand in whatever time I have left. That makes for a lot of late nights and early mornings!

PRess It Wrist Wraps

We discovered PRess It Wrist Wraps last year on Instagram when we were considering expanding what we offer in the Garage Gym Life online apparel store. Although we eventually decided to go in a different direction, I was really impressed with Rachel. Continue reading

Easy Protein Bar Recipe

Protein Bars At Home If you're looking for more ways to add protein to your diet, you may be tempted to add one of those expensive protein bars as a snack. But did you know you can quickly make your protein bars at home that will not only be. Continue reading

Sammy Sebok

Sammy Sebok has taken the term "Renaissance Man" to new heights. He's juggling two careers that involve caring for people in addition to being a husband and powerlifting coach.  That schedule hasn't stopped him from being named Athlete of the Year. Continue reading

DIY Earthquake bar

EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! OK, not really. But it is a DIY Earthquake bar. Why you need a Earthquake bar is almost as easy as making it. Everyone loves to bench and if you are about that garage gym life you love a challenge, this bar gives you both. Lets. Continue reading


Meditation Confession As much as I'd like to say I have a dedicated space for meditation, I don't. I used to have a time and space specific to my practice that was non-negotiable; but as I am constantly reminding my kids: everything changes. If. Continue reading

DIY Chain Collars

Why DIY Chain Collars? DIY chain collars will let you add a little variety and challenge to your training. If you have thought about trying chains and bands this project will get you using both in no time. Remember You're Not a Public Gym Most. Continue reading