Central Georgia’s Strongest Man Replay

It took some work but the Central Georgia’s Strongest Man replay is now available! The 10th Annual Central Georgia’s Strongest Man event was the largest to date according to event promoters, Greg and Nicole Fields. Eighty-four competitors from as far away as Austin, TX competed in the Car Deadlift, Log Clean and Press, Farmers Carry and Tire Flip and Stone Over Bar.

It took us the better part of three days but we’ve finally got all of our event coverage available for you to watch.

Why did we bother doing this?

Simple, we know that some people were unable to watch the entire event so we wanted it available so athletes could not only watch their performances, but also send it to family and friends who might have missed the action. Results and records are available at usstrongmaninc.com.

Check out the Central Georgia’s Strongest Man replay.

This is not a simple upload of a livestream. We edited out all of the dead air, so all you get is the event coverage.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLiIpkR7CltUaClic89WebAsw3nFAE28Hz&v=MVbgokr4ldg[/embedyt]

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