MeditationMeditation Confession

As much as I’d like to say I have a dedicated space for meditation, I don’t. I used to have a time and space specific to my practice that was non-negotiable; but as I am constantly reminding my kids: everything changes.

If It’s a Cup Become a Cup

Now my meditation looks like this: Impromptu because I need it; positioned in front of my laundry basket and my favorite film playing in the background in between life’s major moments. I have taught people to create their own practice when and where they can because I’ve lived a life of constant change. And my practice has always adapted. Back hurts? Meditate in child’s pose. Hot? Meditate naked. Knees hurt? Put a pillow under them.

My Meditation is my Medication

My meditation is my medication, it keeps me from killing motherf___s in this world. Trust me when I say, it’s an active and daily decision to choose  kindness first. I am just as human as the next yogi, and I’ve got as many demons as any other thug; the balance of the two comprises my duality and my actions and efforts are chosen to be rooted in kindness no matter what the storm inside might be like.

This is Me

No guilt for my feelings. No shame in my practice. I am.

No more. No less.

Before You Go; Help out a good cause

Every time you grab a Garage Yoga tank 10% of the annual proceeds are donated to The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.  which combines education, capacity-building and advocacy to strengthen the support system and continuum of learning for children and youth.  This charity holds a special place in Marisol’s heart because it grew out of an organization founded by her mother in the 1970s.

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