DIY Chain Collars

Why DIY Chain Collars?

DIY chain collars will let you add a little variety and challenge to your training. If you have thought about trying chains and bands this project will get you using both in no time.

Remember You’re Not a Public Gym

Most public gyms have the space and finances to go out and get all of the equipment they need. Home gym owners don’t have the luxury of membership dues so we need to use our ingenuity along with our creativity to construct what we may need. I’m hoping I can use my ingenuity to help you reach your goals without having to reach deep in your pockets.   So lets get started!

 Materials needed

  • 1  piece of 2″ X 2′ PVC pipe
  • 2  PVC 4″ X 2″  Flush bushings
  • PVC glue
  • 2  3/8″ X 2-1/2″  I bolts
  • 2  3/8″ Nyloc nuts
  • 2  3″ spring links


  • Hack saw
  • 3/8″ drill bit
  • Drill
  • (2)  9/16″ wrenches

 Prepare the Bushings

      1.  Drill a 3/8″ hole in the center of your 4X2″ bushings. (Mine were 2″ wide so I drilled at 1″) Make sure you drill in the center area where you see the opening. Just eyeball it; it does not need to be precise.
      2. Place your nyloc nut in the opening above the 3/8″ hole and insert the I-bolt, after getting the nut started on the bolt tighten until snug, then turn I-bolt until it is in a line with the bushing.

Prepare the Pipe

      1. Cut 2 – 3 inch pieces from your PVC pipe.
      2. Use any sandpaper to scuff up the ends.
      3. Apply the PVC glue to the end of your 3″ pipes and your bushings. Then insert your pipe into the bushings twisting as you push down. Make sure you press them together until the pipe is flush with the end of the bushing.

Enjoy your Handiwork

Throw it on your bar add some chains and hammer out some sets. I’ve even made a few DIY chain collars for Lance’s Gym in Chicago. They work well, are easy to make and will save you money.

Note : I use PVC for this because its strong and won’t cut into the sleeve of the bar like a metal version would


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