DIY Landmine by Dallas Martin

Dallas Martin displays his DIY LandmineDIY  Landmine

A DIY Landmine is an awesome way to add a powerful tool to your garage gym toolbox. So, if landmine exercises are not in your arsenal, they should be.  And if you have searched the Internet for these fixtures, you will soon find out that fitness companies or equipment manufacturers are making a lot of money on this stuff.  You only have to be a little bit mechanical to build this equipment and, truth be told, you will end up with something far superior and more versatile.  Here is how you can build your own DIY Landmine today (for less than $30):

Materials Needed

  • Get a swivel caster. For mine, I got an 8” caster but after putting it together, I am sure that 6” would be just fine and a little stronger.  Make sure the width is 2 ½”.
  • Disassemble your caster (see Fig. 1). Keep the bolt, nut and spacer (circled in red below) to be used later.
  • Get a steel tube. Make sure the I.D (inner dimension) is slightly larger than 2” and the O.D. (outer dimension) is less than 2 ½”.  I used 2 1/8”ID and 2 3/8”OD.  2” Schedule 40 would be great.

The Build

  • Drill a ¾” hole through both sides 1 ½” in from one end. It will be important to be very careful on this step because if your holesare not aligned, it will be near impossible to put a bolt through them.  Use a drill press if you can.  Note: The hole dimension you use will need to be the same size as the spacer that came with your caster (see Fig. 2).
  • Insert the spacer that came with the caster into the drilled hole (see Fig. 3).
  • Next, align the holes in the tube with the holes in the caster fork and insert the bolt. Tighten the nut making sure that at least two threads of the bolt are showing on the outside of the nut but not so tight that the tube does not rotate on the bolt easily.
  • Now mount your landmine for stability. I chose to anchor mine to the floor using 3/8” concrete anchors (see Fig. 4).  If you are not familiar with directions for using concrete anchors, you can find them online.  Other options for mounting would be to mount them to a board or plate with mechanical fasteners or welding that you could push into the corner of a room.
  • Insert your Olympic barbell into the tube (see Fig. 5) and begin landmine thrusters wearing your Garage Gym Life shirt (see Fig. 6) or other landmine exercises.

Additional Cost Saving Idea

Call a local manufacturing company for supplies.  Many times factories or other companies will move material on carts with these types of casters.  When the wheels are bad they usually just replace the entire caster throwing the part that you will want in the trash.  Factories will also buy tube in long linear lengths and 10-12” piece will more than likely end up in their scrap hoppers.  You can get this for pennies on the dollar or free.

About Dallas Martin

I’ve been on a journey since October (encouraged by my mom, Peggy Benson Kessler, through her amazing accomplishments). I started with running, then moved to a metabolic shredding program, and now I’m doing Body Beast. I’m not an expert but I’ve learned a ton about exercise and diet (not just eating the right foods but eating right for your goals) and I want to continue to learn. Connect with me on Instagram @dmart_bestrong_fitness  or check out our private Facebook group #bestrong fitness.

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  • Ben July 5, 2018 at 2:23 am

    Hey Dallas,
    I love the idea for the Landmine with the caster wheels. Do you find that you are able to do a full torso rotation with these ones, or are you restricted in the lateral movement at all?

    • Dallas Martin July 5, 2018 at 10:05 pm

      You absolutely get full rotation. It’s one of my favorite accessories.

    • Dallas Martin July 6, 2018 at 5:22 pm

      Hey Ben,
      Thanks for the feedback and Yes! – you will have full torso rotation with swivel casters! They are amazing and the movement is smooth and fluid. I am sure that you will love them.