Treadmill Work For Fat Loss

Simply walking on the treadmill is one of the most underrated fat loss strategies especially for strength athletes looking to hold on to muscle mass. We originally purchased our treadmill for my wife who is a triathlete.  I avoided it as much as I could, preferring to use the sled and kettlebell swings or complexes instead.  That all went out the window whenever my powerlifting training ramped up in intensity. Not to mention that as lifters, we usually hate the treadmill because it’s quite frankly boring.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

During my recent fat loss quest, I  needed to keep my energy levels as high as possible and retain as much strength as I could.  My ultimate goal is 190-195lbs but I didn’t want to be too light too fast as I was scheduled to compete in the USPA Drug Tested Raw Nationals. So I kept my calories fairly high and just increased activity.  On the other hand, I was afraid that HIIT would be too much so I needed to do slow, long distance work until after the meet. Enter the treadmill, boring but effective.  Things that helped me stay with it were watching my favorite YouTube shows and shenanigans like the one in the above video.  While I was walking on a treadmill before I read this great article by competitive powerlifter Tim Henriques, I love how comprehensively and logically he laid out a progression for walking on the treadmill while retaining strength. Check it out at the link below!

Source: Get Ripped. Get Walking. | T Nation

Height: 5’9      Age 42

Goal: Physique recomposition.
Goal: 190-195lbs    Starting Weight: 202lbs  Current Weight: 195lbs
Goal: 31 inch         Current Measurement: 36 inches Starting Measurement:  39 inches
Chest: relaxed
Goal: 44 inches  Current Measurement:                      Starting Measurement: 43
Goal: 17.5 inches flexed/16 relaxed Starting Measurement: 17.5 inches flexed/16 relaxed  unchanged

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