Georgia Log Press and Deadlift Live Stream

The first Georgia State Log Press and Deadlift Championships is scheduled for this Saturday, August 17, and Garage Gym Life Media is proud to have been asked to live stream the event. As part of our commitment to bringing you high quality media, we have migrated our live stream broadcasts to our YouTube channel where you can also view and enjoy all of our previous live streams.

How to Watch the Georgia State Log Press and Deadlift Championship

Spectators interested in watching the live stream on the Garage Gym Life Media YouTube channel can either watch it below or click here to watch on YouTube.


Location and Time:

This event takes place at the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB in Warner Robbins, GA. The competition begins at 11 am in Century Hangar.


The event is sanctioned by United States Strongman and is a Nationals Qualifier as well as an Arnold qualifier for the XPC 21 deadlift salute 2020. It is possible to set state and national records at this event.

For more information:

Air Force Sports is hosting this years contest and the point of contact is Patrick Stone. You can also visit the Georgia State Log Press and Deadlift Championship Facebook page.

Patrick Stone

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