Planning Ahead to be a Successful Mobile Fitness Professional

Anna Woods training a client in her Garage Gym Life t shirtMobile Fitness Professional

I travel to several of my clients’ homes on a weekly basis to train with them. Most of my clients are people with developmental or physical needs who require added assistance or help. I have a tote of workout equipment that I drive around in the back of my van that I use with all of my clients.

Tools in the Box

My toolbox consists of:

  • A towing rope
  • Kettlebell
  • Resistance bands
  • 5,8,10,15# dumbbells
  • A weighted bar
  • A TRX
  • PVC Pipe of different weights
  • A mat
  • AbMat
  • A mini-band for resistance
  • Ankle weights/Wrist weights
  • Cones/Markers for Distance
  • Deck of Cards
  • Board Game


I try to maintain a consistent pattern of workouts for my clients each week so they know what to expect and I know for sure what extra equipment I will be bringing from my home gym. Each week has  a theme whether it be dumbbells for resistance, a board game for cardio/HIIT; or bands for resistance with the cones as markers for agility drills; ankle weights/wrist weights with the AbMat for core to extremity focus; a kettlebell tied on the end of my tow rope to mimic rope climbs or battle ropes (especially for my folks in wheelchairs); TRX and a Deck of Cards for a brutal cardio/core session.

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Consistent, But Never Boring

I let my clients know ahead of time what we will be doing, but always leave one element of surprise to keep them curious and excited.  Obviously we also make use of the seasonal weather to do driveway or sidewalk workouts as opposed to garage or indoor exercise.  When we are outside I use sidewalk chalk to create agility ladders, or landmarks for circuits and stations.

Planning Ahead to be a Successful Mobile Fitness Professional

Part of my client’s assignment before I arrive is

  • to have their space set up
  • to have completed their foam rolling techniques
  • be hydrated and fueled.

If they have some of their own equipment, I tell them what they need to have laid out ahead of time for our session, so we can keep it to an hour.  Finally, I set out very specific guidelines for cancellations so they will understand that my driving time is figured into costs and the success of my business.

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