There Is No Magic to Monday

Phil Bennett walking in the woodsThere is No Magic to Monday

I received a text recently that read, “I’m feeling better. Should I train today or wait until Monday?” My answer was, “There is no magic to Monday”. If you feel good enough to train today, do whatever you would have done today if you hadn’t had the layoff. Yes, you can cut back on the intensity or volume, do 2×10 instead of 5×10, one twenty yard sprint instead of four forty yard sprints. But just pick up where you left off.

The Best Way to Start is to Start

Walt Disney is reported to have said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” This reminds me of my normal advice when somebody asks me what the best way is to start an exercise routine. The best way to start is to start.  It’s that simple. If you haven’t been doing anything, start doing something, even if it’s only doing three pushups, one sit up, walking for thirty minutes and doing three pushups and one sit up when you get back.  Then the next day, do it again. Don’t skip any days. After seven days of consistently doing that, add one repetition to each of the movements.

Or simply buy a fitness magazine from the store, pick a routine and go with it. The next month, buy another magazine and choose a different program. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Apply some common sense to programming and you’ll be fine.

Starting is 50% of the battle.  Consistency is the other 50%.  And you don’t have to wait until Monday for that.


About the author

John Greaves III is a writer based in North Georgia with nearly two decades of experience in training at home. A former amateur kickboxing champion, John now competes recreationally in powerlifting. He takes a physical culture approach to training; believing that strength and health need not be mutually exclusive. In addition to his nonfiction work, John has written two fiction books, A Different Kind of Giant and A Little Lesson in Manners that are available on