What Is the Home Gym Quarterly?

The Home Gym Quarterly is the only fitness magazine in the world for home gym owners! Featuring interviews with industry experts, equipment reviews, athlete profiles, workouts and more!

Why Do We Need Another Magazine?

No longer do we have to read articles about training and be forced to modify them for use in our home gym. We’ve made it our mission specifically to give home gym owners a voice in the fitness industry. That means all of our content is written from the perspective of home gym owners by knowledgeable writers who’ve logged hours in their own home gyms around the world! Yes, around the world.

We understand that the needs of a home gym owner in New Zealand where they don’t have basements for example and shipping can be an issue is different from the needs of a home gym owner in New England, where basements are a must if you want to survive the winter. And the home gym owner in the U.K. who has to grapple with smaller garages than his Australian and American counterparts might actually have more in common with the college student in Los Angeles who trains in his studio apartment.

We’re all dealing with slightly different situations but bound by the common thread of being home gym owners with the freedom to create a workout environment that fits our specific needs. Our magazine recognizes and seeks to serve this forgotten subculture because we’re a proud part of it and have been for decades!

Where To Buy

The magazine which is published four times a year, is available in our store and can be downloaded and read using the free Issuu app. The Issuu app is available for Android and in the Apple Store.

Be sure to use hashtag #homegymquarterlymagazine on Instagram to enter for a chance to win a free 3’x3′ Garage Gym Life banner for your home gym!