Garage Gym Coach podcast featuring John Greaves III

Garage Gym Coach podcast Episode 5 is now available featuring Garage Gym Life Media founder, John Greaves III (@j.giii). This was the continuation of a conversation that began last week when JGIII interviewed Smitty for Sunday Conversations on IGTV.
John Greaves III is the guest on Garage Gym Coach podcast Episode 5

Garage Gym Coach podcast Episode 5 Notes:

The thirty minute conversation focused on the process of growing the Home Gym Quarterly magazine. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why we NEED a magazine for home gym owners despite all of the blogs and websites that seem to already serve that market
  • challenges of building a start up media company
  • Learning to properly delegate instead of doing it all yourself
  • the most unusual person we’ve interviewed

And much more! This podcast was started to improve the coaching capacity of garage gym coaches and provide valuable content for the garage gym athlete. Smitty is putting together an awesome lineup of guests who speak to every aspect of the home gym lifestyle. You can listen to the podcast on their website or any of the following platforms:

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