Val Airing is Seeking Her Full Potential by Helping Others

Val Airing is on fire and motivated to reach her full potential by helping others! When I saw her YouTube channel and Instagram profile, I knew right away that this is someone who deserves to have their story told! Get to know this fitness enthusiast right now!

Val, how long have you been exercising?

Off and on four and a half years. Health and fitness has always been a part of my life. After reaching my heaviest weight for my height,I realized that is not where I wanted to remain.

I decided to make a lifestyle change and found a new love for fitness.  After I succeeded in reaching my weight loss goal. I then proceeded further into my fat loss journey. Since then I only have wanted to continue my journey to seek out my full potential in training.

I know that you said that your journey took a lot of trial and error in and out of gyms. Did you beginVal Airing doing lunges your fitness journey in a home gym?

I did not begin my journey in a home gym. Fitness 19 was the gym where I started my journey.  The reason behind leaving the gym was due to relocation and convenience. I don’t necessarily have anything against a gym facility. I train just about anywhere.

You originally started training to lose weight. What have been your most powerful weapons to transform your body?

Exercise and clean eating habits. It took some patience through many trial and errors in and out of gyms, but I pushed my way through and lost the weight.

People often think of fitness as a destination rather than a journey. I think those people are the ones who tend to lose weight and gain it back as opposed to people who are constantly looking for the next way to challenge their body.  What are your personal fitness goals now that you’ve lost the bodyfat?

To share my knowledge. Compete one day in a bikini and/or figure competition. Through my journey I experienced many ups and downs emotionally, physically, and mentally. I remember what it felt like to struggle in simple activities with my heaviest weight. As well as the many times I wanted to quit and give up. Since I managed to surpass those deterring thoughts, I had felt I could resonate with others in similar journeys. I now pursue a passion of helping others on their fitness expeditions. In hopes of motivating them to discover their strength and confidence to succeed as well.

You mentioned wanting to do a competition one day. Do you compete or play a sport now?

I trained Brazilian Jiu-jitsu off and on for about four and a half years and competed a few times.

A lot of people would be surprised at how effective many grappling drills are great for conditioning. Do you use your Jiu-jitsu background when programming for clients?

No I do not. Just what my coach taught me. “An angry mind is a narrow mind.”

Let’s talk about your gym and the equipment you have. What did you start your home gym with?

5lb dumbbells and bands.

What was the first thing you added to the gym?

A squat rack with weights and bench.

What do you plan to purchase next?

The goal is to go for a leg press.

Val Airing holds the bar during deadliftDo you take on in person clients as part of your fitness business or do you do online training?

I travel to clients in the comfort of their own home and or at parks in person.

I am going to review a feature on my business Facebook page that may allow me to set up distributing my programs through there. Once I build more clientele I will open up a VIP forum where I can communicate with them and interact with them there from a coaching standpoint until I am able to launch another coaching avenue.

What is the hardest part about being a home based fitness professional?

The space, coverage and weather.

That’s something I’ve heard from other home based fitness professionals. You’re at the mercy of the weather especially. How do you adapt if say, the weather’s bad? Do you cancel and do it a different day or do you have a backup location you use?

If the weather is not too bad I use the pavilions. Otherwise if it’s lightning and thundering, I will reschedule the outside session.

How would you describe your training style for yourself and how does it compare to how you train others?

I train with a mixture of weight training and cardio. Whereas my clients’ goals vary from strength to weight loss to fat loss.

What advice do you have for someone planning on starting their first home gym?

Do not give up. If you want to be a trainer, be ready to consult with other business professionals to cover all aspects of the industry.

Hey, tell me about your book Drip H.I.I.T: At HOME Workout Guaranteed to make you sweat! Who’s the target audience? Is it scalable or should someone be at a certain fitness level before they try it?

All levels of fitness. Novice, Intermediate and advanced people who either already have a routine and want to add more. Beginners who are timid with no starting point, people with on the go schedules and pressed for time yet still want to squeeze some bit of training to their convenience, and also trainers who are looking for boot camp routines. People who wouldn’t mind working out in their hotel room if no gym, or in the comfort of their home, backyard, garage or park. Basically people who are seeking a versatile routine.

How long have you been working on it?

Roughly a month to complete the manuscript off and on between my jobs and training.

Okay, so what’s next up for you besides a wedding?

Working on launching additional online programs for clients to gain more independence and boost their confidence. In theory, a training routine to sustain their results without me physically there. As well as break any plateaus they may have crossed.
Revamp and revise a website to sell my program products from there. Including a landing page and or coaching page. Revamp fit vlogs of various modalities and mods. Overall grow my business with great communication, transformation profiles, feedback, and results. Continue to help people around the world.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Val! Where can people connect with you to hire you for your services or just follow your fitness journey?

This is possible with the links below but it’s easiest by purchasing one of my programs and communicating with me any questions, concerns, and checking in with me via my email.

Business contacts: Email-

Instagram- @fitnessenthusiastjp

Facebook- Fitness Enthusiastic Training or Alluring Val Airing

Youtube- Fitness Enthusiastic Training

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