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Michele White says the harder you work; the better you feel. I’m telling you that this garage gym athlete is fired up about life! And that’s because she’s gone from being sedentary to competing in endurance competitions in her 40s! She and her husband just celebrated sixteen years of partnering in life and now in fitness. Along the way she’s dropped body fat, gained lean muscle and stayed feminine while becoming a role model to her children. Let’s find out more about her story!

So Michele, how long have you been training and where did you get your start?

I have been training with a certified trainer since January of 2013. I only do weight training/ functional fitness with him 1-2 times a week.  I had started running in 2012 – the year I turned 40 as a goal of running a marathon when I was 40.  I did not complete that goal but I have run two half-marathons, several 15k’s, 10k’s and 5k’s.  Then I was introduced to Beachbody programs in Aug 2015 – one week after my first women’s triathlon. I thought I was in shape but soon realized that my nutrition was making my progress suffer. Two months later I was down 17 pounds and 25 total inches! That’s when I became a Beachbody coach and started working every day out of my house. I still do my serious heavy lifting with my trainer 1-2 times a week as he has equipment I do not own and much heavier weights.

Where in your house is your gym located?

My “gym” used to be my living room but soon became my bedroom. I have a bench, several dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a few bands I use for pull ups.

Michele White is a Beachbody coach, runner and weight lifterSome people have the impression that people who follow Beachbody programs do it because they aren’t ready for “real training” but you’re also a runner and you’re preparing for a powerlifting meet. What are your best numbers and run times?

Ok I’ll start by saying that I am 5’3 1/2” tall and my weight is currently 135 lbs.  My trainer does not want me to lose anymore as it will affect my strength.

Squat: My back squat pr is currently 185 lbs – goal is 200 lbs by Nov 2016 (Powerlifting date)

Bench My bench is currently 115 lbs – goal is 125 lbs by Nov 2016

Deadlift My traditional deadlift is 220 lbs -goal is 250 lbs by Nov 2016; I just started sumo deadlift and have only done it twice and my pr is 190 lbs. (My overall goal would be to 2x my deadlift!)

My running pace has increased from a 12:45 min/mile pace four years ago to an 8:45 min/mile pace most recently.  You need to realize that I have run very little since Aug 2015 and have only done a 5k in March. My pace has increased at least 2 min/mile in past 6 months just from my weight training, nutrition, and Beachbody programs!

How have you been able to successfully integrate your different training goals?

It can be difficult because what I would do for running is in opposition to my weight training goals and nutrition.  There are also times my Beachbody programs I may be doing at a certain time can also interfere with my weight training with my trainer so I talk with him and I also make sure I build in at least one rest day or I don’t make gains.

How do you stay motivated to train at home?

Honestly – I look at how far I’ve come, and the fact that I run accountability/challenge groups for others each month helps me stay accountable. Plus there is always something I am training for – whether it’s an upcoming race or now a weight training event. My upcoming events are a half marathon on Labor Day Weekend, a Ragnar relay in September which will be my first! It will go from Saratoga Springs, NY to Lake Placid, NY and runs through the night – my total mileage will be 17 miles.  After that is November 2016 for powerlifting! My other motivation is I also don’t want to lose the way I look and feel right now!

One reason I think that Beachbody programs are so popular is there’s a minimal need for equipment to start. What pieces of equipment did you need to start?

A DVD player, yoga mat (or towel is fine) and a band at most. Small dumbbells/hand weights are great but not necessary.  Of course it depends upon the program you are doing for beach body but you can always modify with what you have at home.

What’s your favorite part about training in your home?

I live in the North Country and our winters are harsh! I love not having to leave my house and drive anywhere! I also love the example I set for my family!

Being in a home gym doesn’t mean you’re on house arrest (unless you are). What are your favorite gyms to visit?

I am a member of the YMCA and I utilize them on occasion and I also use my trainer’s personal gym too. But I really have all I need at home.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about starting a gym in their home?

Just make sure you have enough space to move in or can move furniture out of the way – my bedroom space is only 5′ by 13′- the size of my rug – honestly it’s not big but I can make it work.

Michele White is a fan of Shakeology by BeachbodyNutrition is a key part of getting in shape. I know you’re a big fan of Shakeology; is the nutritional support you get from Beachbody part of why you’re such a big fan?

YES!!! I was the biggest skeptic of Shakeology and their performance products at first but it’s why I keep doing the programs and coaching and selling the products! Shakeology has kept me healthy, made my skin glow, my hair grow, given me energy, helped give me muscle definition by getting rid of that top layer of fat over my muscles and made me look younger! Plus they really are a community of people of all shapes and sizes. They are NOT a pyramid scheme as many believe. They are the most supportive group of individuals whose main three vital behaviors are: personal development, be proof the product works (use shakeology daily as well as the nutrition piece and fitness programs and the third is to invite as many people as possible to your journey so that they can see what it’s about! That’s out of order but I put personal development first as I believe it’s the most important.

How is your family involved in your fitness journey?

My husband is the reason I started!!! He is a family physician and therefore very skeptical of weight loss programs. He asked for the 21 day fix program for his birthday in August 2015 so I figured it must be good! I decided to do it with him and the rest is history! He recommends it to his patients all the time because its portion control, real food (not processed) and exercise! My daughter and son now make comments on how great I look and they eat better as well (although there are occasional grumbles of not having ‘junk’ in the house!)

You mentioned inviting people to your journey. How can people follow your training or get in touch with you?

My Beachbody coach page is:

Instagram: @mdwhite13

Facebook page is

or you can search: Michele White:OpeningMindsEnhancingLives


Thanks for sharing your story Michele!

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my incredible journey! I love your website and believe in it wholeheartedly! Thanks again!


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