Who We Are

Garage Gym Life Magazine is a digital publication focused on the home gym lifestyle. Whether that home gym is in your garage, spare bedroom; a shed out back or even just in a temporary cleared out space in your living room, we want to correct the false assumption that training at home means settling for second best. Many champions across multiple sports either got their start by training at home or trained at home for a significant portion of their competitive careers.

The Reason for Starting Garage Gym Life Magazine was simple

There are any number of blogs and forums dedicated to home gyms, especially garage gyms. Most of those are review sites but there hasn’t been a dedicated magazine that tells the stories of people who train at home, that publishes articles specifically for people who exercise at home. This seemed like such a no brainer to us!  With all of the exercise equipment suppliers out there, it’s impossible that they all sell strictly to commercial gyms. That means that there’s a huge home gym audience out there. And yet, every month, mainstream fitness magazines print articles for people who workout in commercial gyms, forcing those of us who train at home, to modify the workouts and to read about people whose fitness lifestyle doesn’t resemble ours. No more.

Each month, Garage Gym Life Magazine provides stories that inspire you to be your best and information that empowers you to train for your goals. We do this both through videos on our YouTube channel and articles written by you, ordinary men and women who live this lifestyle every day rather than professionals who might write well, but who don’t train at home themselves.

In phase three, we’ll go a step further and begin publishing a digital magazine that will be available to read on your smartphone or tablet while continuing to post the best content from our community on this website and on our YouTube channel.

You can learn more about our brand including our guiding principles, our mission and some of our history in The Tao of Garage Gym Life video series.